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Catholic Central: Ignite Your Future

Only STEM-Accredited High School in Michigan
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  • 8th Grade Shadow Days, Oct. 9 – Dec. 1 at Catholic Central – Click here for more information and to Register
  • CC Info Nights, Oct. 2, 18, 26 at Catholic Central – Click Here for more information and to Register
  • Registro de Reunión Informativa de Catholic Central High School (Este event se presenta en Español), 10 de octubre a San Juan Diego Academy – Haga clic aquî para registrarse
  • Open House – Nov. 12 at Catholic Central – Click Here for more information and to Register
  • Admission Applications for the Class of 2028 will OPEN on the Catholic Central website on Oct. 15



At Catholic Central, students are exposed to the highest-quality college preparatory curriculum in an academic environment built on faith, collaboration, and individualized support of every student. We strive to develop our students in every way: physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. We are proud to be the first STEM certified high school in Michigan.


Annually, the vast majority of students participate in a sport, strong evidence of our commitment to providing ample opportunities for student participation, and our desire to develop our student-athletes to their fullest potential. As part of the whole person education, athletics teaches fair play, balance, life lessons, and builds character.

Fine Arts

We believe that every student is entitled to a well-rounded education that includes exposure to a variety of opportunities in the visual and performing arts. A foundation in the arts develops cognitive, analytical, problem-solving, and task completion skills, and provides an understanding of how the arts relate to history, society, and cultural awareness.


Finding meaning in life is both a challenge and an opportunity. We believe that real meaning only comes through an unwavering, faith-filled relationship with Jesus Christ and a desire to serve others. Empowered by their faith, Catholic Central students develop their minds, talents, and passions, and enter the greater world ready to transform it.

House System

The House system provides a unique opportunity for every student to belong to an ‘immediate family’ within the greater school community. Characterized by virtue, character formation, and camaraderie, it helps to deepen relationships and provide opportunities to belong, have fun and grow, while amplifying our mission.

Catholic Central: Ignite Your Future