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Every day at Catholic Central High School begins and ends with prayer. Each morning we have scripture and intercessory prayer to start our day.

Fine Arts: Visual and Performing

Department Overview: All students will experience the understanding, appreciation, and the creation of the Arts in a Catholic Christian setting for lifelong appreciation. Art provides knowledge about the world and ways of experiencing it that contribute to a global understanding different from that gained through verbal or written language. Students will develop skills through:

Expressing oneself creatively in various media in the visual and performing arts

Communicating with others through the language of the arts

Respecting the rights of others’ artistic expression

Critically evaluating the artistic works of self and others

Comprehending the arts in a historical and cultural context

Cultivating creative solutions to problems and opportunities

Learning to be a discerning artist while manifesting an open mind to the arts in everyday life

Graduation Requirement: 1 credit


Department Overview: The study of literature and language provides students the opportunity to expand literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary for college-level study, for understanding and communicating with the world beyond academics, and for life-long learning. Further, exposure to various cultural perspectives of the past and present expressed in novels, stories, poetry, drama, and non-fiction are essential to self-awareness and an appreciation of one’s place in, and responsibility to, the world. In broadening student perspectives and guiding their growth in writing, reading, speaking, and listening, the English program’s goal is to graduate prepared, competent, and compassionate young adults who confidently and faithfully face the challenges of continued study and of the rich complexity of human interaction.

Graduation Requirement: 4 credits, must include English I, II, III, IV


Department Overview: The study of mathematics provides the student with a foundation of logic, reasoning and calculation skills and an experience in current technology which will enable the student to succeed in his/her chosen career, whether or not it is a mathematical field. Furthermore, mathematics provides challenges and methods of operating which serve to increase one’s problem solving capabilities and critical thinking skills. Students will understand basic computations, develop accuracy in mathematical computations, attack problems logically, and acquire sufficient knowledge of mathematical skills to fulfill needs of future work. Through the study of mathematics, the students will foster virtues of wisdom, knowledge and honesty that will go with them to any of the myriad of vocational opportunities to which God calls them.

Graduation Requirement: 4 credits


Department Overview: Guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, students will develop an understanding of what science is, what science can and cannot do, and how science contributes to the culture of our society. Through a minds-on experiential approach, students will become familiar with modes of scientific inquiry, rules of evidence, methods of formulating questions, and strategies for proposing explanations.  All scientific instruction incorporates the QPOE2 method developed by the Van Andel Education Institute Science Academy (See below).  Students are expected to think and act like a scientist in all course offerings.  Students will practice applying both moral and ethical principles when evaluating advances in technology, the role of science in society, and personal decision-making.

Graduation Requirement: 3 credits

Social Studies

Department Overview: Students will exercise the rights and responsibilities of their Catholic faith and of participatory citizenship by:

  • Possessing a comprehensive knowledge base in social studies encompassing historical, geographic, civic, economic, psychological and sociological perspectives.
  • Demonstrating the skills needed to acquire, organize, and use information and to be an ethical decision-maker in an ever-changing world.
  • Utilizing their faith to acknowledge and respect the value of others and society through democratic and religious perspectives.
  • Accepting the responsibility to see, care and act on issues in the community, nation and the world.  Incorporating the seven principles of Catholic social teaching into each course.

Graduation Requirement: 3 credits


Department Overview: To develop the life skills necessary to meet the technological and ethical challenges of living and working with technology:

  • Organize and evaluate information.
  • Design and produce multimedia projects, desktop publishing documents and programs. Communicate (legally and ethically) in our global society.

Graduation Requirement: 4 credits


Department Overview: Each Student will:

  • Have opportunities to develop a deeper knowledge of the Catholic faith and its relevance throughout their lives.
  • Develop a greater love of God and an awareness of the dignity of all people and creation.
  • Serve others in response to Christ’s call for justice.
  • Become people of conscience motivated by the Holy Spirit.
  • Share sacramental experiences through liturgy, prayer, and faith sharing.

Graduation Requirement: 4 credits

World Language

Department Overview: In the World Language Department, all students will learn to:

  • Communicate* in the target language
  • Recognize, appreciate and respect the cultures, customs, and traditions of the peoples and regions of the target language and how they relate to the student’s own language and culture
  • Understand the structure of the target language and how grammatical structure varies from language to language
  • Explore and understand the value and benefits of studying other languages and cultures

*Communicate in this set of goals means the ability to relay information with the least possible loss of meaning through reading, writing, speaking and listening

Graduation Requirement: 2 credits

Each year a group of seniors have the privilege of getting silly and sharing Friday announcements that include a lesson with a bit of a laugh, the weekend report and our school prayer, The Memorare.

Each year Catholic Central students are invited to participate in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. Our educators and staff help support and advise many of these and welcome new ideas.

Baking Club   –   CC Association of Scholarly Science-Fiction Enthusiasts   –   Chinese Club   –   Debate   –   E-Sports Club   –   Finance Club   –   Girls Who Code Club   –   Intramural Boys Basketball   –   Jazz Band   –   Men’s Group   –   Mock Trial   –   Model United Nations   –   School Musical   –   National Honor Society   –   Peace Jam   –   School Plays   –   Political Discourse   –   Quiz Bowl   –   Science Olympiad   –   Spanish Club   –   Students for Life   –   Sustainability Club   –   UPRISE   –   Women’s Group   –   Writers Group

Annually, the vast majority of Catholic Central students participate in at least one sport, strong evidence of our commitment to providing ample opportunities for student participation, and our desire to develop our student-athletes to their fullest potential. As part of the whole person education, athletics teaches fair play, balance, life lessons, and builds character.

Admissions Office

Nellie Richthammer

Director of Admissions



Katie Gilbert

Admissions Associate


``We chose CC because they go beyond religion. They also put a higher standard on academics, athletics, life skills, and social responsibility.``

— Jason O. - Grand Rapids Catholic Central Parent