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Return to School

Welcome Back!

As always, our plans for this school year will be guided by our mission: Catholic Central High School challenges students to know and love God, seek knowledge and truth, respect the dignity of each person, and contribute to society through leadership and service. No matter the context, we will continually hold to our core values, expecting ourselves and our students to wonder, strive, love, lead, honor, and serve. 

Being physically present with one another is a gift that needs care and protection right now. As we start school, we must all remain vigilant about protecting everyone. We wear masks to keep others safe. We need to keep our teachers and students healthy, and we need to keep safe the people in our homes: grandparents who live with us, siblings or spouses with health concerns, and so on.

To help protect life and health, all of our plans (found in full here on our Return to School webpage) are in alignment with the requirements of the MI Safe Schools Roadmap, the Kent County Health Department, and the diocesan Office of Catholic Schools.

Return to School Plan

Make sure you are ready for the school year by clicking here to read our Return to School Plan.


In partnership with the Kent County Health Department, Kent ISD has launched a COVID-19 dashboard. This tool is meant to provide parents, educators, and the general public with transparency on confirmed COVID-19 cases in our local schools and districts. This dashboard includes charter and nonpublic schools in addition to our public school districts.

Helpful Resources

We want you to feel well informed about our plans for returning to school. Click Here to read our full COVID-19 Non-public School Preparedness and Response Plan

Click Here to read the updated COVID-19 screening process. You can also find the new screening process in diagram form by Clicking Here.

Updated 10/01/20

Matt & I want to thank you for all your hard work, communication & DRIVE to keep our student engaged and motivated during this unprecedented time. Years down the road as we look back at this time, we will certainly remember how invested the teachers were and how you all cared for your students.

— Bethany & Matt