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Départements académiques

Rooted in the Roman Catholic faith, Catholic Central High School is....

committed to developing each student’s greatest potential by equipping each one with the knowledge and attitudes needed to be exceptional students and exemplary people.

For over 100 years, we’ve been dedicated to building a lasting foundation of faith and education.  We take a unique approach to learning which emphasizes “how” to think, not simply “what” to think. We do this in a community where students grow in mind, body, and spirit and find their path to a purpose-filled life.


Students will engage in various media, respect artistic expression, critically evaluate works, understand the role of art in cultural and historical contexts, and learn to be a discerning artist in everyday life.


English courses expand literacy, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary for college-level study, for understanding and communicating with the world beyond academics, and for life-long learning.


Through many opportunities, the students at Catholic Central will develop a greater love of God, respect for the dignity of all people, and appreciation of the value of all creation. Along with the rigors of the curriculum, each student will have the opportunity to serve others in response to Christ’s call for justice and be people of conscience motivated by the Holy Spirit. 

World Language

We provide a dynamic, interactive, multi-media environment aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of and appreciation for the languages and cultures we teach.


The study of mathematics provides the student with a foundation of logic, reasoning and calculation skills and an experience in current technology which will enable the student to succeed in his/her chosen career, whether or not it is a mathematical field. Furthermore, mathematics provides challenges and methods of operating which serve to increase one’s problem solving capabilities and critical thinking skills.


The Music Education program at Catholic Central High School is thriving. Both the Instrumental and Choral departments have more than doubled in size, earned top ratings at adjudicated festivals, toured inside and outside of the country and consistently performed for community and Diocesan functions.

Physical Education

Through a faith-based wellness program, students will develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required for healthy active living.


Students will practice applying both moral and ethical principles when evaluating advances in technology, the role of science in society, and personal decision-making.

Social Studies

Coursework in the Social Studies department will lead students to more fully understand their call to exercise the rights and responsibilities of participatory citizenship by instilling a comprehensive knowledge base in historical, geographic, civic, economic, psychological and sociological perspectives.


The technology program goal is to develop the life skills necessary to meet the technological and ethical challenges of living and working with technology.