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January and February can be tough in the upper Midwest. Sunshine is sparse, the temperature is very cold and there is a long stretch between Christmas break and spring break. Many students find themselves losing motivation to stay focused and engaged in their studies. Here are 10 student-suggested tips for helping your student beat the winter blues.

  1. Study with friends who are a good influence and want the same success as you.
  2. Find little ways to reward yourself. Example: Work/study for an hour and then take a 10-minute break to get a snack and check in with a friend.
  3. Find a cozy environment – somewhere comfortable and warm
  4. Go outside for a short while. Be exposed to some natural light and breathe in the fresh air.
  5. Create a work/study schedule or timeline for your after-school time so you don’t waste time.
  6. Turn of all technology that will be a distraction. Put your phone on airplane mode.
  7. Listen to music that will help you stay focused. Classical music is great for concentration. Try listening to Mozart.
  8. Get started on your work as soon as you can instead of saving it for the last minute.
  9. Burn that extra energy through exercise. Then your body will be ready to settle down and focus.
  10. Remember the end goal and keep reminding yourself WHY you are doing this.